We recommend that you only air your pillow. We recommend that you dab clean only the soiled area and dry in a breezy spot away from direct sunlight. Do not immerse your pillow in water. Do not machine wash. Do not spin dry.
Such a situation is rare, but if it in fact does have an odour, then it is probably due to the newness of the foam. But it may also have something to do with the climatic environment during its transport from our factory to your point of purchase ... such as hot or humid conditions. To eliminate the odour, simply take the pillow out of its slip and air it overnight in a 'breezy' location. Once the odour has gone, it will not return. Do not leave it in direct sunlight because the foam will discolour.
The lifespan of your pillow can change from person to person due to different usage such as restlessness and head weight, and body moisture (sweat).
Foam Quality: Foam differs from product to product and from company to company. Therapeutic Pillow uses the highest quality foams available. We try and find the right balance between quality, durability, and most importantly, comfort!
Sweat: It tends to break down the foam by keeping it moist. It can also lead a pillow to develop an odour as bacteria becomes present due to the sweat particles. If your pillow develops an odour after use then we recommend buying a new one.
Amount of use: The more you sleep on a pillow the softer it will get, and the more it will break down. That is a fact of life. The trade off with pillows is one that if it is going to be perfect the first night, then it is going to gradually break down due to its initial requirement to have ‘softish’ characteristics which make it so desirable in the first place. If it is too hard the first night, then you will reject it and won’t sleep on it anyway. We could build more density into it, but it would be too firm to use. So this is the trade off. Soft up front means you can enjoy supportive yet comfortable sleep first night.
To make you feel better about how much you spent on your pillow in the first instance, and how long it has lasted, divide the dollars and cents into the nights you effectively used the pillow for, and then how much you spent dining out for a night or two … and we think you’ll see that the pillow indeed represented excellent value, despite the fact that it softened!